Draft Report

The draft report has been submitted to three municipalities (Ambler, Upper Dublin, and Whitpain) and is currently under review. The report will be posted on this website before the public presentation, sometime in April. The previously scheduled presentation on March 31 has been postponed. New date will be announced here. Please stay tuned!


One response to “Draft Report

  1. St Mary’s Villa in Upper Dublin is currently being proposed for development. With many large, new buildings and parking lots in this development, undoubtedly more storm water runoff will be created and sent straight down the Farm Lane culvert towards lower neighborhoods. Your presentation should include the impact of this new development. We are anxious to hear your resolutions to the oft-overtopped and flooded Loch Alsh Reservoir which is now taking on large watershed, runoff from 309 and from the Upper Dublin sports fields and parking lots via culverts under 309 to the reservoir. The reservoir was never built to take on all this added water! What entity or group is responsible for permitting the downstream residents from Loch Alsh to take on all of this water? When it overtops it causes much damage downhill to homes and threatens lives.

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